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A.E.D. METAL PRODUCTS makes a conscious effort to provide an accurate representation of our in-stock materials on our website and in our printed catalog. It is our goal not to provide a "wish list" of everything that has been ever been produced, but rather a listing of those items that we offer on a regular basis.

Availability of inventory stock items may change periodically or seasonally; and in some cases, availability may be limited. Additionally, if there is something you do not see, but wonder if we can supply it, please let us know. We will be happy to let you know if we can help you out.

It is always most economical to purchase the entire piece or length of material, but it is not necessarily required. "Special order" items may require a minimum purchase, such as a full length of material. Note: "Special Order" items are not returnable. Please review our Return Policy.


Steel and alloy tubing is typically stocked in 17 to 24 foot random lengths. The lengths can range anywhere between. Aluminum tubing is generally stocked in 12 foot lengths. You may purchase tubes by the entire length or by the foot.


Bar stock is generally stocked in 11 to 13 foot random lengths. Small diameter items may be stocked in 6' lengths. Bars are sold by the length or by the foot.

Aluminum Sheets:

Stock size on standard aluminum sheets is 48" x 120" or 48" x 144" depending on availability. Prepainted Aluminum sheets are stocked in 48" x 120". Cut pieces are available (except Prepainted). 3003 Tread Bright sheets may be 48" x 96", 48" x 120" or 48" x 144", depending on availability.

All cuts are based on 48" wide x 12" multiples. Example: you require a piece 16" x 37", A.E.D. will offer 48" x 24". Plate stock .190" thick and up will be cut to customer's needs.

Prepainted Aluminum sheets are sold as full sheets only, 48" x 120".

Stainless Steel Sheets:

Stainless Sheets are typically stocked as 48" x 96" or 48" x 120", although this can change, based on availability. Cut pieces are available. All cuts are 48" wide x 12" multiples. (Example: you require a piece 16" x 37", A.E.D. will offer 48" x 24".)

For Shipping information, please review our Shipping Policies.

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