• What do you mean by “random lengths?”

    The term “random lengths” refers to the industry standard of producing tubes and bars (mainly steel) in a varying range in length. Steel tubes, including DOM, 4130, and some seamless stainless typically range between 17 and 24 feet, with “20-foot” increments often used as the nominal length of a single tube. Cold finished steel bars vary between 11 and 13 feet, with “12-foot” used as the nominal length of a single bar. It’s important to be aware that there can be exceptions to these ranges.

  • What type of welding wire should I use for Docol?

    SSAB, the producer of Docol® , recommends ER80S-D2 as the first choice in welding filler material for both MIG and TIG welding. ER70S is also acceptable.

  • Do you ship your materials?

    Yes, we have the ability to ship our products all over the world. We cut materials down for UPS shipping all the time, and we also ship full lengths for LTL truck freight, as well as air freight and sea freight. Packing charges are determined by the shipping method, and fees for customs documentation are added for shipments outside the USA.

  • Do you ship outside the United States?

    We sure do! We make shipments to Canada on a regular basis, but shipments to Mexico are typically to a border state. We generally ship to the nearest customs airport or seaport for other destinations all over the world.

  • What are material certs?

    Material Test Reports or Mill Certifications are quality assurance documents, usually supplied by the producing mill. They provide traceability for a material’s grade, size or original dimensions that were produced; chemistry composition; lot or heat number; any material specifications that it meets or is produced to; and its physical and mechanical properties. These are also called “Mill Certs” and are sometimes abbreviated as “MTR’s.”

  • Do I need material certs?

    Most of our customers don’t require material certs, but we have them for almost every product we supply. If your application is aircraft or aerospace related, it’s a good chance you (or your end customer) are going to need them when you receive them with your material. It’s absolutely critical to request them at the time of quote, as there may be an additional charge to provide them.

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