300M Alloy Steel Round Bars (Modified 4340)

300M Alloy Steel Round Bars (Modified 4340)

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Round Bar

300M is a "Modified 4340," with the addition of vanadium and a higher silicon content, it offers a combination of toughness and ductility at high-strength levels. 300M is a deep hardening steel with excellent torque properties, high fatigue and creep characteristics, and maintains its strength at moderately high temperatures. Meets MIL-S-8844, and others.

Stocked in 11-13 foot random lengths; cut pieces available. Other sizes may be available on request.

Technical Mechanical Properties

Property Up to 100 Sq in Over 100-144 sq in
Tensile Strength (psi) 280,000 min 280,000 min
Yield Point (psi) 230,000 min 230,000 min
Reduction of Area (%) 30 min 25 min

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