A.E.D. METAL PRODUCTS partners with Aircraft Spruce Specialty Company

- Don Young


A.E.D. METAL PRODUCTS is partnering with the largest and most recognized supplier to the sport aircraft industry.

“We have been very successful in providing product to other distributors, both domestically and internationally,” A.E.D. President Al Lowe said. “Establishing a partnership with Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company is a natural and focused direction for us.”

Aircraft Spruce will stock four sizes of A.E.D.’s 4130 aero tube and looks to expand their stock in the future, he said.

“A.E.D. has, for years, supplied materials to the sport aviation markets, we just have not specifically focused our marketing efforts in this arena,” Lowe said. “We have already discussed providing other dimensions and potential material grades with Spruce.”

He said A.E.D. expects to expand further into the sport aviation market soon.

“Not only will we be looking to further our production of aero tube to the sport aviation market, we also will be adding new inventory items to our core product lines,” Lowe said. “We are looking to add thinner wall 4130 tubes, aluminum sheet and tube products, as well as establishing new distributors in the international market.”

The foundation for what is now Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., dates to the summer of 1956, when Flo and Bob Irwin founded Fullerton Air Parts at Fullerton Municipal Airport in Southern California. In 1965, Bob and Flo Irwin sold the business and founded another one, which sold only one product: aircraft grade spruce lumber for aircraft construction and restoration.

Aircraft Spruce Co., quickly added more products to its small catalog and adopted the name Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., with a goal to offer everything pilots and aircraft builders' need. As Aircraft Spruce served more customers and more products were added, staff grew from two in 1965, to over 150 today.

For more information on Aircraft Spruce, visit here.

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