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- Don Young

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After 5 long years of education and sharing our knowlegde of materials, and looking for a competitive alternative for 4130 in some classes of race cars, SFI has endorsed Docol® R8 tube for the NHRA full bodied door cars.

SFI Spec

SFI DOOR CAR SPECS REVISED - Nov. 5, 2012: The SFI Specs for Full Bodied Car Roll Cages have been revised, effective November 5, 2012. The revised versions are designated as SFI Specs 25.1F, 25.2A, 25.3A, 24.4A, and 25.5A and are immediately available from SFI for use by sanctioning bodies and chassis builders. The extent of this revision is that Docol® R8 steel tubing is now allowed as an acceptable structural material for roll cage construction. This addition comes after an extensive engineering review by SFI and the pertinent technical committees. The Docol® R8 steel tube dimensions (outside diameter and wall thickness) are the same as those required for 4130 steel, therefore it is not necessary to purchase a new copy of the revised SFI Spec document if you already own the previous version. Please feel free to contact SFI with any questions.

Thank you to everyone who attended our seminars and sections of the Safety Conference - now the hard part starts as we prepare needed inventory to maintain and the logistics of moving product from Sweden to the States.

Please check in frequently for updates and news on Docol® R8 tube.

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