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Technical Terms of Products


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  • Tempered (or Tempering)

    This is a heat treatment process that is often used to improve hardness, strength, toughness, as well as decrease brittleness in fully hardened steel.

  • Tensile Strength

    The resistance of a material to breaking under tension. Usually measured in psi or ksi.

  • Theoretical ID (for tube products)

    Calculated by subtracting the wall thickness two times from the outside diameter on a tube product. All tubes, regardless of the material or the grade, are produced to the Outside Diameter and the Wall Thickness. The Inside Diameter is known as a theoretical measurement and can vary based on the tolerances of the OD and wall as defined by the material grade standards.

  • Theoretical Weight

    All metal materials, regardless of the shape (tube, bar, sheet, plate), are produced to universally accepted standards that allow for some variation based on the allowable tolerances of their production. Theoretical weight is obtained by calculating nominal dimensions and density, and the actual weight may be higher or lower.

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